Felix Esports



Felix Esports has currently disbanded its team and is not participating in any tournament! More information will be posted in the future if we reform the team!

Welcome to the Felix Esports website where all of our followers from the Felix Legion can keep up to date with our players and matches. All updates regarding the team will be posted here to help ensure we have a central place where you can keep track of everything we do.

This website is pretty new and the goal is to add a bunch more features to turn this place into our very own Felix wiki. With your support and feedback we can improve this place to feel comfortable for everyone. If you have any feedback towards our site please feel free to contact us and share with us what you believe will help us improve this website for both yourself and many other people travelling through here.

On behalf of the Felix Staff team I would like to say thank you for taking the time to drop in and learn more about our team!

Felix Clan

After weeks of planning we have finally opened applications for people who would be interested in joining Felix Esports as a Clan Member.

Our goal with the clan is create a place where both competitive and casual players can get together, meet new friends and party up to play some games!

For anyone interested in joining the Felix Clan you are more then welcome to apply to join via the apply button bellow. We’d also like to add that we don’t have any requirements at this time so it’s as easy as apply to become part of the team!

Other News

The Felix team will also continue to be communicating through other social networks such as twitter. We will post relevant news there which will also be available on the updates page!

So now you have a central place where you can follow us and keep up to date with our progress.