What is Felix Esports

We here at Felix Esports have been hard at work trying to put together an Australian organization which we feel can help individuals and small teams get connected with the gaming community.

The goal of Felix is to act as a brand for self funded teams that are just looking for branding and community outreach. When teams join they are free to call themselves a “Felix Esports Team” however We will not be providing these teams with any funding, what we do is take away their need to create all of their own graphics and clothing. While also providing them the opportunity to work with other small teams and content creators to try and help each other grow with the org.

We are obviously in early stages of getting all of these things sorted out on our end however we are definitely getting these things sorted and want to have a complete place where teams and gamers feel like they’re at home. We are more then aware that some teams/individuals may need extra graphics designed or might won’t more support from us as an org and we are more then happy to discuss the potential of what we can do to help.

If you are looking at doing something else within Felix there are positions available for casual gamers also. We have also reopened the Felix Legion, a place that players may join us as a clan. When players join as a clan member they have many opportunities within Felix Esports lined up for then! The idea is that when you join the clan, doors of possibility are placed in front of you ranging from, graphics work, development opportunity, leadership experience and much more, opening up more opportunities and not limited you just as a basic clan member just looking for a clan! We are willing to work with anyone that has skills in which they can offer us, all we ask is that you first give us a go and
work with us.

If you have any enquiries or would like to contact us please feel free to do so here!

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