Major Changes – June 2019

Here at Felix Esports we try to bring a mixture of people with different personalities and skills both ingame and out together to try and build a community that thrives in all areas of success.

As you may have noticed we have made some massive changes around here and we believe they have gone in the right direction. Our plan of making this place a central hub for Felix Esports has never looked more fitting and as we look to the future our plan on using this as a wkik where people can view the updates and news within Felix along with our match outcomes has not changed.

Also with a second Developer being brought into the team recently we have begun brainstorming new project ideas with some that are expected to begin development soon, hopefully to be released within the future. We hope by doing this we’ll be bringing some new and amazing content to the community and team that you just wouldn’t be able to find with any other small team just like us.

As a team we are setting ourselves some goals to reach and we look forward to completing them in the future!